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Poll: what’re *you* looking at?

So due to a lot of discussion about who has what kind of gaze and whether a question like this is even appropriate and what is gender anyway etc. etc., I feel the need to say that for ease of … Continue reading

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So I was browsing this afternoon on Fetlife and found a link to this article, called “Should I Work in Fetish Modeling?” As it was written by SLEPhotography, one of the loudest voices against this project, and as it was … Continue reading

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Poll Results So Far: 242 Votes

<—See this guy here? Well, the results so far suggest that the #1 LEAST popular type of male body type among the sample we’ve gotten so far is the one almost exclusively pushed towards heterosexual women as what a sexy … Continue reading

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Link Love: Erotica Cover Watch

I wanted to take a moment of silence (during which, please, check out this man, or another more to your taste) in recognition of Erotica Cover Watch. They were a project that really made me aware how quickly and easily one can … Continue reading

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who’s looking?

First off, I want to say that I’m about to embark on reading both “Metrosexy” (which has been recommended by Quiet Riot Girl relating, I think, to disposing of the ideas of a male/female gaze in preference for a queer … Continue reading

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Let’s get an idea of what y’all like!

I’d like to request that people who identify as women who like male bodies be the ones to fill this out- I’ll do one for men who like male bodies soon. 🙂

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“isn’t there enough cock online?”

So already I’ve had the response that if I’m upset about the lack of male photos for the female gaze I’m just not looking hard enough! and I decided that before we go any further I wanted to address this. … Continue reading

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