Why I started this Project: Our Mission

I am continually saddened by the experience of my lover. He is an attractive man, with a bit of pudge, but in the supposedly “sex positive” world we live and play in, there is an active devaluation of the erotic male body, particularly if that male body expresses any diversity (non-white, not muscular, not butch, short, not able-bodied, not cisgendered, etc). It’s something that hurts me, deeply, because it hurts him deeply-and it has, as far as I can tell, for most of his life.

He’s told me about how his female lovers get asked to pose for photos, while he’s shoved into the shadows. I notice that I get paid to do kinky things, while he would have to pay to have a similar experience. Meanwhile I get annoyed at feeling like my body is constantly on display because I’m female, while he feels crushed that his body isn’t seen as an object of desire because he’s male. We are made aware, all the time, of our gender differences and how that affects community reaction to us, as a couple and as individuals.

I know he’s not the only one who feels this way. And the kinky/sexual community perpetuates this nonsense by not challenging this sexist bullshit.

So I’m on a mini-crusade for the appreciation of male beauty in all its forms. There aren’t enough images shot for female appreciation and if I have to make and curate it myself well, what else is new. And it’s not enough to have these images taken- no, I want to see as many sexualized male bodies as female bodies in the kinky/sex positive community, as an indication that we agree that diversity is beautiful, that we are, in fact, sex positive and at the forefront of challenging “the norm”. I want club nights designing fliers to consider having a variety of male bodies on their images. I want galleries to show men tied up or tying, being spanked, standing tall in their leather boots- and I want these images to not be ones created for the gay male community and then pushed at women. I want to see faces in agony and pleasure. I want to see erect cock. I want to challenge the knee jerk reaction that “female bodies are just more attractive”.

Andro-Aperture” is a photography project whose mission is to address the lack of diversity in sexualized masculine iconography (and thanks Maggie Mayhem for the name!). By embracing a variety of men, male, and trans-masculine bodies and presentations as sexy and desirable, we validate different presentations of manliness. We believe increasing the quantity and availability of imagery of the sexualized male body, particularly beyond a gay context, increases social acceptance of these otherwise transgressive expressions.

The ways in which we seek to do this include:

  • reflecting diversity in sexy men the way diversity is being embraced for sexy women
  • showing sexually submissive men as erotic, whether partnered or as a single subject
  • encouraging amateur photographers to experiment with erotic images of diverse male bodies
  • encouraging professional photographers to challenge their assumptions by demonstrating that erotic photos of men made for the female gaze have a market
  • presenting these images in BDSM/sexual spaces and galleries as a way of challenging the notion that women are to be gazed at, men are to gaze
I will be setting up a meet up in the Bay Area to get the ball rolling, and will post a call to arms on this blog to gather interest between models and photographers. There will be a specific male submission project and some themed projects, though any submissions will be welcomed for review and posting in this blog. I will also be creating a format for setting up a shoot in your area, posting about what makes a shoot for the female gaze different, and perhaps even holding a contest or two!
Interested in being involved? Bookmark this blog, send me an email at miss.kitty.stryker at googlemail, and keep an eye on my Twitter, @kittystryker!
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11 Responses to Why I started this Project: Our Mission

  1. Chai says:

    Can’t wait to see what comes of this. Keeping my fingers crossed for everything 🙂

  2. Perhaps we could show the results at an exhibition at Mission Control? I’m so tired of images of white women with big tittys. Not that I don’t love white women with big tittys, but Im all about diversity.

  3. Gabigirl says:

    Nice to see more women taking on the mission!
    Looking forward to reading – and viewing – your blog on a regular basis.



  4. Maggie says:

    This sounds like it’s going to be fun 🙂 I’d like to see some feminine dom guys too, change up the masculine=dominant feminine=submissive trope.

  5. Jerry says:

    *wild applause*

  6. anon says:

    And my boyfriend just asked if he could participate. I do wonder if it were reversed would boyfriends be ok with girlfriends doing something similar?

    • Strike a deal!

      I know my boyfriend is ok with me doing nude/fetish modeling- hell, I’m a sex worker, and he’s down with that.

      I think every couple should negotiate their own boundaries on what’s ok and what isn’t, though!

  7. Jacki Oh says:

    I am working on a similar project called PoolBoy Magazine. It’s an adult magazine for straight women featuring sexy naked images of men. Kinda like early playboy but for women. We want to have good articles along with sexy photos. We have one issue out so far but have sold it all over the world! Here’s our website: http://www.poolboymagazine.com. if you ever feel like publishing your photos in the magazine we’d love to have them!

    Good luck!
    Jacki Oh

  8. M says:

    I think the project of yours is great. I’ve recently become a male model myself, and me and my photographer is experimenting with different styles and settings, it’s all on an amateur level now since I haven’t done modeling before, but I’m improving! The photographer is also an amateur, actually she’s a friend of mine, but she’s getting better and better too. Like your project it’s almost like a think thank where different ideas about exposing the male body are explored and new ones are invented.I’ve even experimented with having different body types over the past few years. from having the “few pounds extra”, to being an average joe, and now, after following a strict diet and spending time in the gym looking more like a traditional model with a more ripped/toned/muscled body type. The idea is to try to determine what body type is suitable for me. I’m quite a hairless guy, so the traditional model look may be most suitable for me, also according to a few women that constitute a small “panel of judges”.(Damn, that means more strict diets and time in the gym..not that I’m whining…:P)

    We’ve also experimented with different “levels” of clothing and “explicity”, everything from being topless, from posing in a set of boxer shorts and to full frontal nudity. A couple of days ago we experimented with the first hard-on pictures.

    It’s been a challenging and at times daunting experience when you’re just starting out as an amateur, but like you say it’s all about manifesting an appreciation for the male body – and I do feel appreciated. Comments from my photographer and the “expert panel” have been so supportive.

    The idea is to (hopefully) start up a small company where I’ll be modeling, she will be the photographer and another friend of mine will be the manager, i.e. she’ll be responsible for all “public relations”, but as for now we have to experiment and professionalize a bit before commercialization is possible

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