Poll Results So Far: 242 Votes

<—See this guy here?

Well, the results so far suggest that the #1 LEAST popular type of male body type among the sample we’ve gotten so far is the one almost exclusively pushed towards heterosexual women as what a sexy man looks like (sorry dude).

Look carefully, ladies- this is what we want, so get wet now or deny your very nature.


If you haven’t voted yet, are female-identified and enjoy looking at male-identified bodies, vote here! I have some hope that I can send this post to prospective photographers so encourage them to broaden their horizons.

Next week, let’s talk to men about the body types THEY most prefer in other men! And possibly about types of male nudes women like to see…

I like a variety of body types, from lean to thick, hairless to hairy. 69 26%
Give me a slender pretty boy and I’ll be happy. 52 20%
Mmm, give me a swimmer’s body type anyday… 45 17%
I prefer non-cismale male bodies, personally. 28 11%
I give a second look to the slightly chubby guy, with a bit of hair. 26 10%
Other (see below) 19 7%
Hairy bears are up my street, yum! 10 4%
I like something different from the above! 8 3%
Super buff, waxed men do it for me! 4 2%
Other Answer Votes
Long hair is very important! 1
hair is good! 1
Bodies that look kinda rough: tattooed, scarred, dirty, with easy muscle 1
I really dislike the overdeveloped muscle look, particularly the lower stomach. 1
Guys with a belly who also have big arms and shoulders 1
you need to find a way to create a poll with pictures of body types! 1
Not the body that makes him sexy–it’s attitude. 1
Rugby boys for me, good legs 1
Big frames with muscle under a little fat start MY engine. 1
lanky, scruffy guys 1
Short men (under 5’7″) 1
Lean, neck/throat, thick thighs, stubble, gentle fingers, where chest/tummy meet 1
I like all sorts of bodies! 1
tall with broad shoulders; relatively clean-cut 1
average dudes, hooray 1
Tall and stocky! 1
I love the angularity of men’s bodies. Long legs and angullar shoulders, mm 1
I like a slight variety from slender pretty boys to lightly built men, also tall 1
i ❤ fat boys! 1
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7 Responses to Poll Results So Far: 242 Votes

  1. That picture has been photo-shopped I am 99.9% sure.

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  3. vida says:

    The poll link isn’t working!

  4. Henry says:

    very interesting (and very pleasing to me 🙂 being slender and…well slender) – we need WAY more votes though. The more votes, the more seriously we can take this poll. So I’d kind of suggest not closing it till you have 1000 votes or so….

  5. zari says:

    Have voted, but thought it was worth saying that when I’m choosing porn it is whether or not the actors (male and female) have nice FACES that influences me, I have never really thought about their bodies!

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