Poll: what’re *you* looking at?

A hot long-haired pretty boy lies on the floor, his leg supported by a white black, a lollipop in one hand

This is kind of especially for someone who loves boys with their lollies...

So due to a lot of discussion about who has what kind of gaze and whether a question like this is even appropriate and what is gender anyway etc. etc., I feel the need to say that for ease of data collection on this subject, I would appreciate it if people vote on this poll who identify as female and who might look at male-identified erotic images. I certainly enjoy looking at genderqueer and female-identified bodies as well, but that’s not for this blog!

Also to be clear- I’m not seeking to define an over-arching description of “THE female gaze”. Not to say that there aren’t people who don’t identify as male or female, but if you personally do, I’m interested in what your female gaze actually is- what sort of image of a male catches your eye, and for what reason?

So, onto the poll (top 5 things, please, though feel free to comment!):

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2 Responses to Poll: what’re *you* looking at?

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  2. Tiny Goat says:

    This falls under “looks like he’s enjoying himself”, but… what I find most lacking in het porn are representations of men in ecstasy. I’m a huge fan of Male Submission Art because the men pictured there are having palpably intense physical/emotional reactions to whatever stimulus they are receiving. That it is difficult to find these images even in bdsm photography is depressing as hell. And… can I see some extended woman-on-man nipple play that doesn’t involve torture? Hopefully I’m wrong on this and somebody’s going to reply with links to a bunch of vanilla girl-on-boy-nipple sites (fingers crossed). Yes I know I can get nipple play in gay porn (and BL/yaoi manga♥), but I’d like to see representations of straight sex that eroticize male nipples.

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