Andro-Aperture East Bay Meetup Tonight

This is the first step in teal life- just a meetup for a bunch of photographers and models to get together to discuss potential shoot ideas, get some tips, and chat about what the female gaze and male sexual objectification means to them.

We’re here to discover if there’s a market for this that has just been ignored or misdirected. It may take time to build buzz for the female consumer market, but I believe this is a project that will have impact. I already have an offer to show a gallery of work at Mission Control, and will be talking to Wicked Grounds, the Citadel, and Mr S, among other galleries.

Please be honest about your experience. These first shoots will likely be unpaid TFP shoots as we get things started! Bring your passion for representation, and leave male privilege at home.

While I will do everything in my power to make sure models are professional, please use usual precautions. Think about what sort of shoots you want to do, what sort of men you like, and how you would shoot them in a way that captures a story, a moment, not just an exposure of the body.

If you’re in the Bay Area and might be interested, check out the listing on Fetlife:

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