Review: For the Girls- e-zine and erotica for women

I’ve been aware of “For the Girls“, a porn website for women, for a little while, thanks to Filament’s editor. To be honest, I hadn’t thought to look much further, because my first impression was to be turned off by the type of man portrayed on the front page- almost all white, hairless, overly buff. I like cubs and queers myself!

BUT I’m glad I did get a peek behind the curtain thanks to Ms. Naughty because I was very pleasantly surprised to see what was there- a buffet of interesting interviews, erotic stories, snippets of advice, and men, men, men.

A younger man with shaggy hair stands in a messy bedroom, looking down, mouth open slightly, at his hard cock.First, I went right for the core: the photos of hot men for women’s appreciation. Well, that is kinda what this blog is about, right? There are 6 categories: Hunks, Black, Muscles, Military, Mature, and Amateurs. I personally mostly enjoyed poking through “Hunks” and “Amateur” as there was a bit more body variety. There were some delicious men in there- I really liked that there was a variety of ways that men looked at the camera, some directly, others not, so you could pick and choose. I also loved that there were different ages represented- awesome!

A man in a military shirt bends over to kiss his cock in a forest.One thing I do wish is that there were more images displaying some sort of scene or environment- a lot of them had a fairly naked set which didn’t give me a lot to imagine (not this one, though, and how hot is he kissing his own cock in his Army uniform!). And for my own project, I personally cringe a little at “Black” and would say “men of colour” as it would be more accurate and more PC- YMMV. I’m very conscious of the fact that I live in super-liberal queer political Oakland, and “For the Girls” is in Australia, so somewhat different cultural standards etc.

A Black man with long dreads reclines, one arm behind his head.

Anyway, in addition to the images (and there’s lots of them- in fact, they may want to collaborate with Andro-Aperture, yay!) there’s a lot of text stuff- I found myself checking out articles about sex and disability, male sex workers, an interview with Jiz Lee, all sorts of stuff and all over the map. I enjoyed the column where a guy answers questions from women about possible reasons for male behaviour (it’s not scientific, of course, but it seemed to ring true for my own experience). There was also a section for adult movie reviews, and I really liked that they reviewed DVDs across the board, from real-life couples to POC queer sex to high concept art smut. And I LOVED that there were negative reviews in there along with positive ones! That tells me that the reviews are honestly offered.

A 30-something man stands, eyes closed, with one hand in his white boxer briefs. He is otherwise naked.Surfing through the stories gave me a good variety to pick from. Most of the material is heterosexual, with a little bit of queerness thrown in for the heteroflexible. There’s some kink, some loving sex, some strangers hooking up… it’s got a little bit of everything. But what made me grin and really happy was that some of the stories were just written in such a realistic voice:

Katrina looked at him and gave a little sigh. He just didn’t seem to get it. She straddled him once more and moved her face so that it was mere inches away from his. She looked intently into his brown eyes. “Listen Jack. We agreed to role-play that you’re trapped, right? So could you just act like you aren’t incredibly happy to be here right now?”

You Make Me Feel Like… By Imari Shi

I giggled because I can so imagine my partner and I having that conversation!

A long haired man sits with a small smile on his lips, his flaccid cock resting between his legs.Finally, I checked out their video section. There’s a hot new one that went up of a man masturbating as he talks about how he can’t stop thinking of this one woman… I loved watching his face, the muscles in his arm flex and relax, his hand on his cock, his toes curling. Watching his stomach tense up as he covers it with cum was just super sexy. I love watching men wank! And I also liked seeing his flaccid cock afterwards.

The site is working on a revamp that promises to improve the few things I cocked an eyebrow at, and I look forward to giving it another poke around (hee!) when that’s happened. Until then, I’m sure any woman can find something she’d enjoy within “For the Girls“, whether that be articles, smutty stories read aloud, or just hot hunks of manflesh. And keep an eye open because soon Andro-Aperture might have some stuff submitted there as well!

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3 Responses to Review: For the Girls- e-zine and erotica for women

  1. How do you feel Kitty about women being termed ‘Girls’ in ‘For The Girls’? I use the term girl as is obvious from my QRG name, but that is to do with my own self-expression and my love of Riot Grrrl. Being marketed to as ‘The Girls’ makes me feel a bit uninclined to participate in the charade, to be honest.

    It reminds me of The Boots adverts in the UK. Here Come The Girls.

    • I have a complicated relationship with the word “girl” myself. I actually prefer it for similar reasons to yours. Considering when “For the Girls” started (2000), I wonder if it was considering the discourse of riot grrl. I’d probably need to ask the creators!

  2. ?_? says:

    I don’t really understand why “black” is a category at all. Where do they put black guys who have been in the military, have big muscles or are “hunks”? Are those other categories white-only? What about guys who are Asian, aboriginal, middle-eastern, etc, do they go in the main categories or in “Black” or are they just not allowed on the site at all? I dunno, that just sounds really weird to me.

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