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Filament is Dead, Long Live Filament

I need to take my hat off in mourning- the next issue of Filament Magazine, a fabulous example of photos of men made by and marketed to women, will be its last- not due to any lack of demand (there’s … Continue reading

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Mirror Images

I need to start off by apologizing for dropping this blog- life got pretty hectic and it’s not slowing down, so while this is on my agenda I’m focusing on… well, getting paid. Even angry activists need to eat. 😉 … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Why “Sexy” Costumes for Men Really Aren’t that Sexy

So if you’re familiar with my Purrversatility blog, you may have seen that I’ve been kind of busy tackling rape culture in BDSM communities. I’m running a workshop on that with Maggie Mayhem on the 4th, after which I imagine … Continue reading

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Review: For the Girls- e-zine and erotica for women

I’ve been aware of “For the Girls“, a porn website for women, for a little while, thanks to Filament’s editor. To be honest, I hadn’t thought to look much further, because my first impression was to be turned off by … Continue reading

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Notes from the Andro-Aperture E.B. Meetup

So our first meetup went pretty well- we had about 9 people total, mostly men interested in the project and expressions of masculinity. Sitting outside on a sidewalk in Berkeley talking about dick shots was really fun and I had … Continue reading

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Andro-Aperture East Bay Meetup Tonight

This is the first step in teal life- just a meetup for a bunch of photographers and models to get together to discuss potential shoot ideas, get some tips, and chat about what the female gaze and male sexual objectification … Continue reading

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Poll: what’re *you* looking at?

So due to a lot of discussion about who has what kind of gaze and whether a question like this is even appropriate and what is gender anyway etc. etc., I feel the need to say that for ease of … Continue reading

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